Life On The Farm As The Years Fly Bye

We All Learn At a Different Pace

What did I learn about myself through my 4-H participation?

I learned that it is not easy to be 16 and on the edge of adulthood.

Head - to clear thinking, when giving your word to someone, think about how it will affect your heart if you buckle to peer pressure and go against your morals and ethics .

Heart - to greater loyalty; loyalty is something that is given freely and cannot be demanded or forced upon someone.

Hands - to larger service, you can only do what you feel is right and work hard to achieve your goals.

Health - to better living; if your word is your honor, and you stand fast to your morals and ethics; loyalty will come to you freely, your goals will be realized, and you will make a difference in the world around you.

I love 4-H !

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things we face; stay true to yourself no matter how hard it is and make a difference!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Valley Country Store 4-H and FFA Night.

Valley Country Store In Jerome;
Held a 4-H and FFA Night on April 9, 2009 everyone had free pizza and soft drinks before the meeting.
There were two guest speakers; the speakers covered the feeding, and care, healthy environment, safety and pen size for Sheep, Pigs and Steers.

The Speakers covered the six classes of nutrients in feeds:
Water is used to carry nutrients to the body.
Carbohydrates like sugars, starches, and cellulose provide the largest amount of energy.
Fats are concentrated energy.
Protein is used for making and repairing muscle.
Vitamins are needed in very small amounts to assist in many body functions.
Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are important for bone development. Other minerals help many of the body functions.

The speakers also talked about how important it is to keep the pens clean; they also talked about how Exercise should be done in the morning or evening in the summer to prevent overheating.

There was a lot of other stuff covered at this meeting; I had a great time learned a lot.

If you need help with care and feeding don’t be afraid to go in to the Jerome Country Store. The staff is very friendly. Trish and Debbie are real cool!