Life On The Farm As The Years Fly Bye

We All Learn At a Different Pace

What did I learn about myself through my 4-H participation?

I learned that it is not easy to be 16 and on the edge of adulthood.

Head - to clear thinking, when giving your word to someone, think about how it will affect your heart if you buckle to peer pressure and go against your morals and ethics .

Heart - to greater loyalty; loyalty is something that is given freely and cannot be demanded or forced upon someone.

Hands - to larger service, you can only do what you feel is right and work hard to achieve your goals.

Health - to better living; if your word is your honor, and you stand fast to your morals and ethics; loyalty will come to you freely, your goals will be realized, and you will make a difference in the world around you.

I love 4-H !

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things we face; stay true to yourself no matter how hard it is and make a difference!

4H My Journey

Farmer's Hands Video

2011-2012 Western National Roundup


My story all started long before I was born. My great grandfather Glenn's Mother and Farther settled in Idaho in the late 1800's west of Malta; homestead there and built their first; cabin they also had property on the Raft River and raised cattle there.This family of mine were some of the first pioneers in the valley. The family built a house in 1914 in which  Grandpa Glenn was born one year later; Grandpa Glenn lived his entire life in that same house He passed away in 2002, in the same room in which he was born. To this day my Great Grand Mother still lives in that same house on that same ranch and raise cattle with the help of her children. (this history was given to me by my Great Grandmother.)

The term cattle are like lollipops come from my Grandmother; because she likes Beef Masters,and Salers, Great Grandpa liked Black Angus and had a crossbred herd, and my Breed of choice is Red Angus.

My other Great Grandpa left home at the age of 14 to become a cowboy; he worked cattle ranches in Colorado, and Nevada most of his life before becoming a farmer and raising hay, He to is still farming and growing hay for my Dad, Great Grandpa Bob also still has a few head of cattle; once a cowboy always a cowboy.

Mom says that Ranching and Farming is a genetic trait and I was lucky and got both genes. My love for the beef industry started with my first 4-H market beef project and my goal is to be part of the next generation of beef producers and feed the world.

My Red Angus Journey and history in the beef industry begins.


Just a little note to say Thank You to some very special people that still hold a special place in my mind, heart and life. You know who you are, YOU cared for me when I was a baby in the NICU .
I still have to drink the cornstarch and soy protein eat every 3 hours that stuff has not changed, I am still the same.
To all of you Thanks for doing a great job. If you see this Thanks again.
I just wanted you to know how I was doing.