Life On The Farm As The Years Fly Bye

We All Learn At a Different Pace

What did I learn about myself through my 4-H participation?

I learned that it is not easy to be 16 and on the edge of adulthood.

Head - to clear thinking, when giving your word to someone, think about how it will affect your heart if you buckle to peer pressure and go against your morals and ethics .

Heart - to greater loyalty; loyalty is something that is given freely and cannot be demanded or forced upon someone.

Hands - to larger service, you can only do what you feel is right and work hard to achieve your goals.

Health - to better living; if your word is your honor, and you stand fast to your morals and ethics; loyalty will come to you freely, your goals will be realized, and you will make a difference in the world around you.

I love 4-H !

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things we face; stay true to yourself no matter how hard it is and make a difference!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Well it is Almost Fair Time

It is almost fair time and the dreaded book fight. I hope that you all stated your books at the beginning of your 4-H projects and have been keeping them up to date; if not you are most likely pulling your hair out trying to remember dates and all the activities you have done.

For those of you who stated your books at the beginning of the project congratulations you now know how easy it makes you life and projects. 

I am adding the finishing points and dates to my own books and finishing up a few projects. This year was a great learning experience for me.

I truly hope you learned as much of from your Projects as I did from mine; good luck at your fairs.