Life On The Farm As The Years Fly Bye

We All Learn At a Different Pace

What did I learn about myself through my 4-H participation?

I learned that it is not easy to be 16 and on the edge of adulthood.

Head - to clear thinking, when giving your word to someone, think about how it will affect your heart if you buckle to peer pressure and go against your morals and ethics .

Heart - to greater loyalty; loyalty is something that is given freely and cannot be demanded or forced upon someone.

Hands - to larger service, you can only do what you feel is right and work hard to achieve your goals.

Health - to better living; if your word is your honor, and you stand fast to your morals and ethics; loyalty will come to you freely, your goals will be realized, and you will make a difference in the world around you.

I love 4-H !

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things we face; stay true to yourself no matter how hard it is and make a difference!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!

Fall this year lasted about A minute, we have lots of snow, wind, below zero weather and it is only Thanksgiving. So far we have had about one or two feet of snow; but in open acreage of flat ground and the wind blowing all the time it seems like a lot more.

I still have to go out and feed and water my steers and horses; boy it is cold! I still work with my steers at least twice a week no matter what. This is not the fun part of having 4-H steers but it is part of life if you want to be a cattle producer some day.

In weather like this I just make sure to wear the correct clothing; So bundle up and keep working.

I was told that "grand champions are made over the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks".

REMEMBER "you got to want it to win it"

I had to dig out the water troth.

this drift went from one end of my calf pens to the other; and the water troth was under there somewhere!
I just kept digging until I found it and then had to keep digging so that my steers could get to it!
Can you see the corner of the troth, I kept working for about an hour and got it uncovered.

This could be a long Winter if I have to dig every day!
Here is hoping that the snow melts a little.