Life On The Farm As The Years Fly Bye

We All Learn At a Different Pace

What did I learn about myself through my 4-H participation?

I learned that it is not easy to be 16 and on the edge of adulthood.

Head - to clear thinking, when giving your word to someone, think about how it will affect your heart if you buckle to peer pressure and go against your morals and ethics .

Heart - to greater loyalty; loyalty is something that is given freely and cannot be demanded or forced upon someone.

Hands - to larger service, you can only do what you feel is right and work hard to achieve your goals.

Health - to better living; if your word is your honor, and you stand fast to your morals and ethics; loyalty will come to you freely, your goals will be realized, and you will make a difference in the world around you.

I love 4-H !

Peer pressure is one of the hardest things we face; stay true to yourself no matter how hard it is and make a difference!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Leader Forum

Seem that spring has make it to the

high desert; and all our time is out side because of the excitement of all the colors of this beautiful time of year.

The smell of blooming sage brush the sight of new born calves, baby lambs, and the blue sky what else can a person ask for .

Saturday the May 9th Dad and I spent the day at the 2009 District III leaders forum, this is where all the Districts 4-h leaders give a 45minutes learning forum.

Our day started very early; can't have fun until after all the farm chores are done. That is just life on the farm around here.

The Forum was help in Twin Falls about 60 miles that's not to bad, just an hour. Our first Forum was on Etiquette for today's Youth. It was all about which fork to use, how to set the table, when do you not answer your cell phone and make sure it is turned off. Just your all around chance to renew your manners and refresher course on etiquette, It was presented by Samantha Anderson; Samantha even covered the ever present what to do when you need to fart. Samantha did a great job.

The Next forum was Showmanship Etiquette- it covered the five points of showmanship. Not a lot new there just a little refresher before the showing season starts; but when there is animals there is a lot of excitement. This was no exception of course the Bull had to jump out of the ring and we had to spend an hour trying to get it caught with as little damage to the the fair grounds and with out it causing a problem with the rest of the animal forums. That bull was free and he was having a good time, he was just playing, he ran, jumped, and played catch me if you can. When the Owner's Dad showed up he just stopped and loaded into the trailer like it was just a fun outing. Bulls you just got to love them!

Dad and I also attend the Dynamite Demonstration, Cost comparison of commercial beef vs. registered beef, And the Beef Quality assurance. These were the get down to business forums, lots and lots was learned at these. A person has to keep up with the ever changing times in the Beef industry.

I would like to thank all of the Leaders,Volunteers, and Parents that gave up their weekend to make it a great time for us.

note from mom

Something great happened to Cora; She and her 2008 steer Clover are the new cover of the Youth Beef Quality Assurance Program manual for the Pacific Northwest.

We think it is a honor, and the coolest thing. Gee I guess I just had to do the Mother bragging thing, we are very proud of Cora. Here are a few links

Cora learned a lot and had a great time.

If you have never been to this kind of thing you should try it.